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Which are the advantages of using wallpaper?

Wallpaper allows an easy and clean placement, obtaining great results with customised spaces at low costs. This will make it easier changing the rooms’ aspect regularly and without hard work.

- How to place wallpaper?

1. Cut the roll by considering the wall’s height plus 5 cm more for each side.

2. Draw a straight line on the wall considering the corner of the wall so that the wallpaper is placed straight.

3. Apply the recommended glue in a layer:Traditional paper: on the back of the paper letting the strip rest for 5 minutes.

4. Non-woven: on the wall, on a surface a bit higher to the roll’s width.

5. We will start placing the wallpaper by leaving the remaining 5 cm on the top of the surface to be coated and considering the vertical line we have already drawn.

6. The next step will be to press the strip top-down with a soft brush or a clean cloth.

7. We will repeat the same process with all the strips and cut the leftovers with a blade.

8. It is very important to ventilate the room so that the paper dries well.



Moderate light fastness               Scrubbable

Good light fastness                      Wet removable

Spongeable                                 Peelable

Washable                                    Paste-the-wall

Super washable                           Paste-the-paper

Free match                                 Straight match

Offset match



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